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2017 Messages

Date Sermon Title Speaker
12/13/17 Benefits of Attending Church Bro. Mike Korpal
12/10/17 Be Satisfied with where God Puts You Bro. Rick Mitchell
12/10/17 The Adversity from the Nativity Bro. Rick Mitchell
12/6/17 Wednesday Night Bible Study Bro. Zac Rector
12/3/17 Will They Revive The Stones Out of the Heaps Pastor Zac Rector
12/3/17 Shipwrecks Pastor Zac Rector
11/29/17 Blessed Are They That Morn For They Shall Be Comforted Bro. Tim Rector
11/26/17 Consider Pastor Finn
11/22/17 The Personal Blessings God Gives Each Christian Pastor Finn
11/19/17 Use Your Faith Pastor Finn
11/15/17 The Fire Is Your Responsibility Bro. Justin Cooper
11/14/17 Symptoms of a Spirit Filled Life Bro. Justin Cooper
11/13/17 The Sin of Stopping Between Bad and Best Bro. Justin Cooper
11/12/17 A People Ready For Revival Bro. Justin Cooper
11/12/17 God, Do You Care? Bro. Justin Cooper
11/12/17 We Are Still In The Harness Bro. Justin Cooper
11/8/17 Wednesday Bible Study Pastor Finn
11/5/17 Christ Is All and In All Pastor Finn
11/1/17 Wednesday Bible Study Pastor Finn
10/29/17 Triumph & Tragedy Pastor Finn
10/25/17 Wednesday Bible Study Pastor Finn
10/22/17 Worship, Don’t Doubt, & Go Pastor Finn
10/22/17 Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Pastor Finn
10/18/17 Taking Care of Widows In The Church Pastor Finn
10/15/17 We Can All Be A Noah This week Pastor Finn
10/15/17 Why Jesus Didn’t Do It The First Time Pastor Finn
10/11/17 How To Treat Fellow Church Members Pastor Finn
10/8/17 Thank You Pastor Finn
10/4/17 Wednesday Evening Bible Study Pastor Finn
10/1/17 My Son Pastor Finn
9/27/17 Wednesday Evening Bible Study Pastor Finn
9/24/17 Being Still While We Are Working Pastor Finn
9/24/17 Cleave Pastor Finn
9/17/17 God’s Work Pastor Finn
9/17/17 Why We Work For Jesus Pastor Finn
9/13/17 Wednesday Evening Bible Study Pastor Finn
9/10/17 Flee, Follow, and Fight Pastor Finn
9/10/17 Ye Have Well Done Pastor Finn
9/3/17 What Church Is All About Pastor Finn
9/3/17 The Judgement of God Pastor Finn